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Meet my team
Section template, Elementor

Use “Meet my team” section to present your team. Change picture, leave name, position and their favorite quotes. Let the people connect with your team via social networks.

Living hero
Section template, Elementor

“Living hero” is a section that can be added on homepage bellow header. Right column has been made of two layers – image and overlay. Overlay is white with scratched part in the middle so you can use it in your designs – you only have to change image of red-shoes-jumping-dude bellow it. To do it, click on image and its “Advanced” tab. There you will find “Background & Border” section where you can upload your custom image. Also, don’t forget to change url on “Find out” button.

News 69 footer
Section template, Elementor Pro

We tried to make here some simple and stylish footer that can be used in different type of websites. We were faced with two challenges here. At first, to place logo on section border line. To do it, we made logo with same background color as section has. We also added some negative margin and… Voila…Second challenge was to avoid Elementor Pro widgets usage for creating subscription form, because many users don’t have Elementor Pro, but Free version. It’s a shame but we made it with Form widget but Elementor Free users still can remove it.

Travel info
Section template, Elementor

“Travel info” can be used to present top travel destinations. Similar to “Living hero” section you can use overlays and upload your custom images of destinations.

Paris in the morning
Color scheme

Inspiration for this color scheme we got from some fashion websites so you can use it in your designs by adding it to Global colors settings > Color Pallete.

Fira Sans + Source Serif Pro
Font combinations

During the Elementorist website designing, we played with different fonts so we wanted to share with you combination of Fira Sans and Source Serif Pro. Fira Sans is used by Mozilla and Source Serif Pro is our choice for headings.

Spring is coming
Free graphics

“Spring is coming” has been offered by Creative Market’s for free, only this week. Sign up there and get it.

Free tools

Patterninja is a very useful and simple to use free online tool if you intend to make patterns for your websites. We made our pattern with it and by using E and O letters from our logo. You’ll love it as we do.


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