A Divi Tweak Tool that make your Divi fly high without coding. Speed optimizing, page transitions and more.


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Speed Optimization

  • Speed Up Divi – Remove Divi CSS & Scripts unless the user is using Divi Builder. Thanks to Adam Haworth for function script.
  • Speed Up WooCommerce – Remove WooCommerce CSS & Scripts unless the user is on a WooCommerce page. Thanks to Greg Rickaby for the function script.
  • LazyLoad for Images – This will speeds up your Divi site by loading images only as they enter the viewport.
  • Remove Query Strings – This will remove Query Strings from Static Resources that have either “?” or “&”. This is useful for those who use cache plugin as this ensures that they are cached like other elements. Even without cache plugin this will improve your speed scores in services like Pingdom, GTmetrix, PageSpeed and YSlow.
  • Replace Local file with CDN – This will replace local jQuery with CDN jQuery link and also replace Divi fitvids, waypoints and magnific-popup scripts with CDN link.

Page Transition

  • Enable Page Transition – This will enable page transition on your Divi site.
  • Page Transition In – Select your transition for page in.
  • Page Transition Out – Select your transition for page out.
  • Page in Duration – The page in animation duration.
  • Page Out Duration – The page out animation duration.
  • Show Loader – You can choose to show or hide loader.
  • Loader Color
  • Loader Border Size
  • Loader Size

Divi Design Tweaks

  • Add Custom Mobile Text – The text will appear next to the mobile menu icon. Depending on your text length, you might have to use custom CSS to adjust. However, we have already style up based on the text “Menu”
    Mobile Icon Text Color
  • Use Browser Theme Color – This will allow you to set the color of the browser toolbar or as known as Browser Tab color. Compatibile with Android, iOS and Windows Phone and based on Google guidelines.
  • Ripple Effect on Buttons & Tabs – This will have material rippple effect on Divi buttons and Tabs. Powered by paperRipple
  • Pull to Refresh (PTR) – This will enable pull-to-refresh (or swipe-to-refresh) pattern lets a user pull down on a list of data using touch in order to retrieve more data or refreshing the page. Powered by PulltoRefresh.js (with many options such as text and colors)

Divi Advanced Tweaks

  • Clear Divi Local Storage – This will clear Divi local cache storage. Useful when you are using Divi Custom Modules and after updating Divi or Divi Custom Modules. After clearing or updating your Divi or Divi Custom Modules, it is advisable to disable this again unless you are a Divi Developer. Credits to Jonathan Bossenger
  • Enable Divi Builder on Custom Post Types – This will add Divi Builder to Custom Post Types. Credits to WPCOLT
  • Show Image URL input field on the New Divi Background UI – This will show the hidden image input field on the new background UI and allow you to have custom URL link which Elegant Themes removed. This will/should work with the default Divi modules or third-party Divi modules.


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